M4 Internal Hex

M4 screw type cylinder Implants are designed for either two-stage or single-stage surgical procedure.
With their unique wide thread design, three spiral channels and apical tapered threads, M4 implants are self-tapping and ideal for dense bone. Their cylinder shaped design provides efficient primary stability especially after tooth extraction and in conical sockets.
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Seven Internal Hex

SEVEN implant features an internal hex. connection, providing the implant with well established properties of tactility, facilitating the confirmation of the abutment’s seating. Its internal hex. connection guarantees SEVEN’s anti-rotational engagement, tolerance to lateral forces, esthetic results and more.

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C1 Conical Connection

C1 implant benefits a conical connection with an anti-rotation, six positions, cone index. The absolute implant-abutment fastening and the definite seal offered by the conical connection, minimize micro-movements and support preservation of the bone.

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